Reviews About Good Laptops

Are You Asking Yourself This Question But Don't Know Where to Start... You’re ready to buy your new laptop but here comes the challenging part. You ask yourself “ Do I want to spend a fortune on a new laptop and then find out that it’s outdated next year?" "What laptop should I buy that will still be usable even with the passage of time?" Should I be concern with my new laptop getting obsolete or should I just get one that I like and am comfortable with? Well the important thing you'll discover is that it's best to get a good laptop that you are not only comfortable with but also one that will work well for YOUR NEEDS for years to come.

But how go you determine which laptop to buy that will work with your needs?

Before buying your notebook or laptop computer, first honestly determine what your needs are. Ask yourself; What will I mostly be using this laptop for? Will I be using it mostly for word processing, spreadsheet and other business uses? Will I be travelling a lot and need to take it with me on the road? Will I be using it mainly to browse the internet? Do I need it for gaming since I like to play a lot of games? Will I be using it mostly for pictures, music, creating videos or graphic design? Will I be using the laptop to watch a lot of videos or movies or to download large files? Maybe you need to do a little of all the above…

What laptop should I buy if I just need to do Word Processing, Spreadsheet applications and other business Uses?

Most regular laptop users just need a laptop to do word processing and browse the internet. If this sounds like you, then you don’t need to spend a lot of money buying the most high end laptop. A basic laptop computer would work just fine for your needs. Any laptop available in the current market should satisfy your needs and won’t cost you a lot of money. But in addition to the cost of the laptop, you may also want to consider how portable the lap top is if you are planning to take it on the road with you.

Should I buy a Regular Laptop or a Netbook Computer?

If you are a business professional and you travel a lot, you will need a thin and light machine that is easy to carry around. Netbooks would be a good choice are they are some of the lightest laptops. These machines are well liked and widely used by many. They are very affordable, super thin and light enough to carry around. The screens are usually about 9 or 10 inches which makes them even more portable. If you intend to use the machine as the main computer at home or in your business, then a netbook would probably not be a great idea. This is due to the size of the screen. The small screens would eventually create a disadvantage for you as it could cause a strain on your eyes when using it for a long or extended period of time. Also, when compared to other popular laptops, they have much less powerful hardware.

What laptop should I buy for my gaming needs?

As an avid gamer, you are looking for a gaming laptop with awesome graphic capabilities and super fast processing abilities. Therefore a good gaming laptop should have a very fast CPU or processor;that can handle many complex calculations and processes. It also needs lots of Ram or Memory;so that the processor can handle the gaming data quickly and smoothly without memory errors. And also very important is a good graphics card that will make the game images, videos and graphics run very smoothly. You could also check out forums where gamers spend time with each other and notice which laptops they recommend for the game you may be interested in playing. Feel free to also ask them questions as they will be more than happy to share their feedback with a fellow gamer. A good thing to keep in mind when looking for a gaming laptop is to stick with companies that make laptops just for gamers. They usually know what a gamer is looking for. Some of the more popular and best laptop brands for gaming are Clevo, Alienware, MSI, ASUS, Toshiba Qosmio, HP Envy, Dell XPS, etc.

What laptop should I buy to Use for Working with Pictures, Music, Creating videos or Graphic Design?

One of the most popular lap top used for working with picture, sharing or creating videos and doing graphic design is the MacBook brand. If you are looking to work with pictures, videos and graphics, you will need a machine that has lots of power and ram or memory as well as a very good graphic card. A Macbook Pro with at least a 1Gb Graphics card would be something to consider. They usually have the best editing software and are great with graphic design. They do tend to be a little more pricey so you may have to save up a bit before purchasing one. Another alternative is Alienware since they can also handle anything that you give them to do. Other Good Laptops that will also do well in this category are Dell (such as the Dell Studio or Dell XPS), ASUS (such as the N53 series) and HP. The latter three are also very good and affordable laptops and tend to be less pricier than the MacBook or Alienware. It all depends on your budget.

What Laptop should I buy if I want to watch a lot of Videos or Movies Or to Download Large Files?

For watching Videos and Movies, you would need a laptop with a Large Screen , Very Good Crisp Graphics Quality, A Blu-ray or DVD Player, and also HDMI output. If you also need to download video or movies or Large Files, you would need a good laptop with a Big Size Hard Drive. Try to get a lap top with at least a 250 gig hard drive, if possible. That way you can store lots and lots of information and data. Video and movies files also tend to be large when downloading them from the internet. If may also be a good idea to have a large size external hard drive to keep your favorite files backed up (just in case something unexpected happens to your computer or hard drive. For example, accidentally spilling liquid or coffee on your system, dropping the machine etc.). Good laptops that would work for watching lots of movies or videos would be the Sony Vaio with blu-ray burner, Macbook pro with 17 inch screen, Toshiba Qosmio, some Dell Brands and MSI laptop brands among others.

Answering the question “What Laptop Should I Buy”

Hopefully, When you next ask yourself “What laptop should I buy”, these tips will help to make the answer a little less stressful. Please feel free to leave a comment if this article has been helpful to you. Or if you have any other question that hasn't been covered about “what laptop to buy"? Please feel free to ask.