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When it comes to the evolving world of computers and laptops, there is a certain pattern that technology follows. As technological innovation advances, computers tend to get skinnier and slimmer, lighter in weight and much smaller. So Presto! Here comes the Ultrabook. The Ultrabook has now become the mobile notebook of the future.

But Exactly What are Ultrabooks?

In simple terms, they are a cross between a Tablet and a regular Laptop. Tablets are thin and light weight but they completely make use a a touch screen display. Unfortunately, many computer users do not like working with a touch screen all the time (myself included) and would prefer to have access to a regular traditional keyboard. So, the Ultrabook saves the day and satisfies that need.

It is a Super thin, extremely lightweight laptop computer (similar to a Tablet) that allows the consumer to have the use of a regular QWERTY keyboard. 

These amazing computers gives you all the benefits and features of a Tablet, along with the capability and power of a regular full size laptop. Intel announced the Ultrabooks as a new category of laptops in 2011. These incedible laptops have become the computers of the future. If you ever use one of these Ultrabooks which are lighter than three pounds and less than .8 inches thick, you will find it very difficult to transition back to a regular full size bulky laptop. A thickness of less than .8 inches is incredibly thin compared to regular notebooks where the common thickness is usually closer to one and a half inches. Their less than three pounds weight makes them feel like feathers compared to most regular notebooks and laptops.

One well known example of an Ultrabook is the famous MacBook Air Made by Apple. So, what makes a Laptop Computer an Ultrabook? What requirements are necessary? 

What is an ultrabookA few requirements are:

  • Thin, feather-weight and super-portable. All the power of a laptop is packed into the smallest, most portable personal computing hardware available.
  • Their average battery life has to last at least 5-8 hours. This in itself is quite amazing when it comes to Ultrabooks. They are designed to use low-voltage processors which allows the battery to last much longer than on regular laptops and even allows for extended life of the battery. Some Ultrabooks have batteries that will last for nearly ten hours before they have to be charged again. Most Ultrabooks have a Lithium-Polymer battery that is non replaceable. This means less recharging is needed and therefore the battery offers better performance.

The biggest feature of these super laptops which makes them stand apart from the crowd of regular laptops is the integration of the Super Fast Solid State Drives also known as SSDs. Solid State Drives are storage devices just like hard drives but they have no moving parts which make them more proficient, smaller and much tougher and long lasting.

Instead of having physical components that spins, these SSD drives are all flash based. These means that they are not as heavy as regular notebook hard drives and they are extremely fast! Most traditional laptops use a regular hard drive that has mechanical parts and these parts slow down the boot and processing time compared to the SSD drives. Also, due to how the mechanical drive is designed, they not only take longer to boot up but they slow down the general overall performance of the laptop. The SSD drives in the Ultrabooks can have the Windows Operating System up and running in less than twenty seconds and can resume from sleep mode in less than a couple seconds! Compare this start-up speed to sometimes over a minute in traditional laptops. Mechanical drives are also more easily damaged if laptop is accidentally dropped. In contrast, SSD drives have no moving parts inside so they are less susceptible to being damaged if the laptops accidentally suffers a fall. 

The portability and resilience of the Ultrabook makes them popular with students and business people.

The screen of some Ultrabooks tend to be glossy. However, more and more models are becoming available with an anti-glare screen which gives the user the benefit of being able to use their laptop anywhere. 

They are very popular and are ready to be used for work, no matter where you are.

The bodies of the Ultrabook are made of metal and are much more durable than other regular laptops whose bodies or shell are made of plastic. 

These elegant and strong machines can also be interfaced with other high tech devices.

Many models offers a RGB port, an Ethernet port for networking and a HDMI port for High Definition viewing. These ports are also available on the smallest model Ultrabooks. So, if you prepare a presentation, you can easily attach your computer to a projector and you are ready to go.

There are no optical drives in the Ultrabooks.
The advantage of this is that the Ultrabook is not bulky and heavy and an added optical DVD or Blu-Ray drive can cause the battery like to be drained away very quickly Most people won't miss this drive since we now exist in a technological age that features USB 3, Bluetooth, WIFI and Cloud storage space.

So, What is the Verdict on the Ultrabook? 

In summary, one of the biggest selling point and advantage of Ultrabooks is their portability. They are small in size, thin and lightweight which makes them easy to handle and carry around, like a Tablet, but still utilizes a regular keyboard. They are also powerful enough to run most business programs. This super slim Ultrabook could be easily toted to a customer's or client's office since it is no bigger than a standard paper notebook. It would allow you to easily and quickly access all the information you need that you need to share with others. Due to it's ultra small size, you could also easily work on your Ultrabook whether you are in the car in a client's parking lot or using the tray table in an airplane on the way to a faraway business meeting or conference.

So, Should You Buy an Ultrabook?
If you currently need a new laptop and you know that you will be travelling a lot whether for your job or for school and you have the extra money needed to purchase one of these amazing but pricey Ultrabook machines, I would recommend you get moving right away and buy one of these beauties. In future articles, we will discuss some additional features of these wonderful notebooks and will also discuss various Ultrabook notebook reviews and reveal the best Ultrabook laptop...

Check back soon, there's more gold nuggets to uncover...