Reviews About Good Laptops

The computer generation started with the desktop computer. Then the laptop made it's entrance, with the notebook following close behind. Now we welcome to the scene, the Netbook computer.

So, what is a Netbook?

A Netbook is simply a mini laptop or a laptop that is reduced in size. Its' reduced size and lightness promotes portability and makes the Netbook very easy to transport. The Netbook has now become the new technology for the next generation. It is a mini laptop designed with a battery life that's exceptionally long which allows it to be used all day without needing an electrical outlet to plug it into. The battery can often lasts over eight hours before needing to be recharged. But you may be wondering, "What is a Netbook Used For?" 

Well, they were built mainly to be used for Internet use. They are great for surfing and doing research online and for sending and receiving emails. The Asus Company was the one to bring to birth the first Netbook in 2007. It was substantially smaller than a regular laptop or notebook and the screen which was 7 inches was considerably larger than a mobile phone but definitely smaller than a laptop screen. However, it was just right for browsing the Internet.

The innovative creation of the Netbook computer opened up new frontiers in the avenue of mobile computing. Notebooks could now be created with small workable keyboards, no cdroms or disk drives and become the most light weight mobile computers ever made. Even though Netbooks tends to be small in size and have less powerful configurations compared to regular laptops, they are made with just enough RAM and hard drive space to be able to be used for a long time without worrying about running out of space for your information.

So,Who Could Benefit From Using Netbooks?

Well, anyone who is constantly travelling or on the move like commuters who use public transportation systems, regular travelers and students who need to have their computer available at any time are perfect users for Netbook devices. Most Netbook computers are so small that they can easily fit inside a small bag, or even a purse without causing any problems.

What is a NetbookWhat Are Some of the Advantages of a Netbook?

  • They offer a tremendous ability for the user to save space. Especially, if you are a student that lives in a dorm or even someone that has a studio apartment or if you have to share a home with others. Netbooks can be used in your laptop, on your kitchen table, coffee table or bed. You actually don't need a specific or separate area to use for your netbook.
  • Netbooks are extremely lightweight and can make online activities much more effective whether for business purposes or home use.
  • Netbooks are very affordable and low cost, can help to keep things organized and keep the lines of communication opened with the rest of the world.
  • Internet connectivity can be easily accessed anywhere through WIFI connections that's effortlessly picked up by the Netbook.
  • Netbooks are the best mobile notebooks. They can be carried anywhere, just as easily as transporting a book.
  • Finally, they are also very energy efficient and a favorite with many computer users.

Are There Any Disadvantages of a Netbook? 

  • With Netbook vs Laptop, when you compare the features and specifications, one disadvantage on the Netbook is the speed. Netbooks use the Atom processor because of their size and not needing to use a lot of power. However, this processor is not as powerful as the other processors in regular laptops and tends to affect the speed of the Netbook. So, even though a Netbook can do most everything that a normal laptop can do, it does it much slower and this can irritate some users. The small amount of memory on the Netbooks also contribute to the slow processing speed of this cute mini laptop.
  • Another disadvantage of Netbook computers is their small keyboard. Sometimes, it may be awkward to maneuver slightly bigger adult fingers to utilize the keyboard to one's needs. Because of this, it's easy to make mistakes in typing as one can often accidentally end up pressing 2 keys at a time.

Of course, Netbooks are not for everyone. 

The best thing to remember is don't try to treat or use a Netbook like a regular laptop. If you try to use it to do other things for which it is not designed for, you will just end up frustrating yourself.

It is meant to be used for browsing the internet. That's its' simple purpose. Use it in this way, and you will not be disappointed!

So, if you are looking for a lightweight, energy efficient and super portable laptop to mainly browse the internet and check emails, then Netbook laptops would be a great fit for your needs.

Please check back later as we will be presenting future articles that will provide some in-depth Netbook computer reviews...