Reviews About Good Laptops

Is it really important to be concerned about what are the best laptop brands?

After reading this article, you can decide.

Laptops have become more and more important and plays an integral part in our everyday life. If we don't have a laptop, people usually assume that we are still living in the dark ages. But when it comes time to actually purchase one and enter the information age, they are so many laptop brands to choose from that we could become so overwhelmed that our decision making abilities becomes paralyzed. If this sounds like you, then you have come to the right place and this article will hopefully simplify the decision for you.

You work hard for your money and it should work hard for you... We know that you work hard for your money and you want your investment to go a long way when you decide to purchase a laptop computer. So, learning which laptop brands are the best will help you to make the best choice when you are ready to buy a laptop. Some of the best laptop brands or manufacturers includes Apple, HP, Dell, Asus, Toshiba, Lenova, Sony, Samsung and Acer among others.

However what may be considered to be the best laptop for one person may not be the best for someone else. So, you may first want to consider the reasons as to why you are considering the purchase of a laptop computer in order to choose the best brand for your needs. 

Some people are just looking to update from a regular desktop computer because they need something that takes up less space? However, they may still want to be able to run all their previous programs?

Well, if this is your situation, then you would just need any of the top laptop brands that can run the programs you already have on your desktop computer. 

However, if your desktop computer has an outdated operating system, then a new laptop would probably have a more updated operating system that will require a little learning curve. However, it would be worth it to learn the new operating system since it would be more popular and have more programs available for it than your old desktop computer operating system.

What if you prefer to still use your old operating system, can you still find a good laptop brand that will support it? ... 

Of course, if you prefer to stick with your old operating system, then you may be able to buy a used or refurbished laptop from a dependable manufacturer for a brand that's well known for their longevity. Some of these top rated brands for which you can find good dependable and refurbished laptops include Toshiba, Dell, HP and Acer among others.

What about good laptop brands to use for school, college or business... 

If you are a teenager in school, you may need a laptop to use in high school or maybe you need a laptop for college or even for business. Of course, let us not forget one of the main reasons that computers are used for - Gaming. So, if you need a laptop for Gaming, that's also understandable. Whatever your reason for buying a laptop or notebook, the following information presented in summary format, will be helpful in deciding what is the best laptop brand for you. These laptops brands were also included in different reports for best laptop brands in 2012.

apple laptop brandApple laptops are known as one of the best laptop brands. They are quality machines and can last for a long time if taken care of properly. There are lots of apps available for Apple laptops and they are not known for overheating like some of the other laptop brands. Good choices for apple laptops includes the apple mac book air and macbook pro. The main complaint with apple laptop brands is that they are more expensive than other brands. The prices start at about $1000.

hp laptop brandSome people would completely support HP laptops as being the best laptop brand. Hp supplies a large variety of laptops. Some can be used to replace desktop computers and provides high performance. Hp also owns the Compaq brand laptops which are good for the budget minded individual. A good high performance Hp laptop choice would be the Envy Models. For everyday computing and entertainment, the Hp Pavilion  would be the Most affordable Model. One can choose the Pavilion G6 or G7 which offers 15 and 17 inch screen respectively. Hp also makes good gaming laptops. However, some people have complained of sluggish performance and some overheating issues in some HP laptop models.

 dell laptop brandDell is one of the best laptop brands around. They are very versatile and offer a lot of choices. After HP and Lenovo, they are the largest maker of personal computer in the world. They are affordable and easily upgradable. If you are on a limited budget, their basic machines run for around $300 which would definitely suit the needs of a high school or college student. They also last for a good while if taken care of properly and they are known for good customer service. If you need a laptop with more pizazz or bell and whistles, their higher end machines do carry a hefty price tag.

asus laptop brandAsus is definitely one of the best laptop brands for gamers. These are gaming machines and come with great graphics and sound. They can also be customized to suit the user's needs. Because these laptops are best used for gaming, adding other programs for other thing such as business or school may slow them down.

toshiba laptop brandToshiba is well known as a producer of quality machines and they are also one of the best laptop brands. Their laptops best qualities are reliability and great performance. They can be used in practically any area you wish. Their best selling models include the Satellite pro, Tecra and Qosmio. Some users are not as excited with the touch pads on the Toshiba laptops..

lenova laptop brandLenovo is also praised as one of the best laptop brands. Their laptops are known to be productive, efficient, functional and safe. They also are attractive looking machines. The company also listen to their customers needs and supplies products to satisfy those needs. Lenovo excellent build quality, and great ergonomics coupled with their good technical support makes Lenovo laptops one of the top notebook brands. Only minor complaints have been received with regards to the Lenovo brand.

sonylaptopbrandSony also have been regarded as being one of the best laptop brands. The Sony's VAIO series are also well known and are some of the best laptop for gaming. They are also nicely designed and offer great performance and good customer satisfaction. They also makes a good desktop replacement.

samsung laptop brandSamsung offers laptops with nice designs and solid support and also ranks as one the best laptop brands. The Samsung machines all have a similar design which offers an exceptional sleek look . The only disadvantage is that Samsung doesn't offer as much variety as the other laptop brands.

acer laptop brandSome consider Acer to be one most well known and best laptop brand. Of course, some people do not. One good thing about Acer laptops is that they are very affordable and great for ones that are watching their budgets. They are good laptops that would satisfy the needs of a high school student or even college students. Acer is also working on designing more innovative machines. Some have complained that their keyboard and touch pad could be more user friendly.

Hopefully, this article has helped you in deciding what laptop brand would be the best choice for you.

Apple and Lenovo remains at the top of the best rated laptop brands. Of course, the other mentioned brands also have their own advantages. Please feel free to leave comments if you have other brands that you consider to be the best laptop brands and why. Also, please leave comments with your experience in using any of the above brands. Thanks for your interest.