Reviews About Good Laptops

good laptops for college studentsYou are excited! You made it. Finally you are in College and all your dreams are about to come through. Or maybe you’re a parent and your dream has come through! The dream of seeing your child attend college… But here comes a small snag to the college experience. What laptop should I buy?

What are the best laptops for college students

? How much more money is this going to cost? As if the cost of college wasn't enough…. All of a sudden, your wonderful excitement dies down and you starts experiencing floods of uncertainty and stress. You start thinking, “I already have to worry about food, clothes, transportation, books, in addition to college tuition. Do I really need to worry about a laptop too?” If you need help with the above predicament, then you have come to the right place. You want to be able to get the best laptop for a college student with the coolest features but you also want it to be an affordable laptop that fits your budget! But...

How do you know what makes Good Laptops For College Students?

First thing to consider is the needs of college students...

College students will need laptops that are portable since they will be travelling with them and carrying them around on campus. So, the recommended laptops for college students  would need to be lightweight so that they are not a bother to carry around.  They would also need to have a good Long lasting battery since they will be on battery power most of the time during classes.  In addition, the best laptop for a college student  would need to have a large size hard drive to store lots of information, Wireless internet capability, and perhaps a camera that will allow them to skype and communicate with their family back home without raising their cell phone bills. The next thing a college student or their parent would need to analyze when it comes to getting cheap good laptops for college students  is...

  • What is the laptop going to be used for?


  • What course of study will be followed by the student?
This will help to determine exactly what the laptop will be mostly used for. The Laptop may be needed to be used for the Following Purposes depending on the student’s area of study:
  1. Regular Normal Student Uses - such as sending and checking emails, listening to music, Posting and checking social sites such as Facebook, Word Processing and Typing
  2. Business Related Classes - such as Graphic and Multimedia Purposes, Office and Word processing, Presentations in addition to regular Student Usage etc..
  3. Art Related or 3D Graphic Use - which would include the ability to render large image files, in addition to regular student usage
  4. Multimedia Classes - that would include editing of Videos and Music Files, Watching Movies in HD in addition to other regular student classes
  5. Engineering or Science Courses - which would require Heavy Math Calculations, and Drafting Programs For Cad Applications as well as being used for regular student classes
  6. Gaming Student - which would include the ability to run Heavy Gaming Applications and may also Need to Test or Create modern game software, run Multimedia Applications and Fast Internet connectivity for online game play in addition to using laptop for regular student uses.

Now we will discuss these category in a general sense to give you an idea of what specifications a laptop would need to have to satisfy the needs of the college student in that category:

Good Laptops for Regular Normal College Student Uses

This category offers the easiest and cheapest way to fulfill the need for affordable laptops for college students. Any of the more modern laptops should work fine. It is recommended to get at least a laptop with the most current processor or CPU, 2 GB of Memory and at least 150 GB hard drive and a DVD drive with burner capability or re-writing capability. For this category, a Netbook would also be an appropriate choice for a good laptop for the college student.

Good Laptops for Business Related Classes For College Students

For this category, the requirements would be similar as above. The only difference would be to perhaps add a larger hard drive such as 200 GB or above and increasing the RAM or Memory to 4 GB. That way you would get a bit more performance business uses.

Good Laptops for Art Related or 3D Classes For College Students

For Art Related or 3D Classes for College Students you would now need a laptop with a processor or CPU that has a higher than average rating. For example i3, i5 or i7 Intel Processors. These Laptops would need to have a top of the line video card, especially a video card more often used for rendering graphics. Types of these video cards may include NVIDIA Quadro brand and ATI Radeon Firepro brand as well as others.  A good amount of ram such as about 6 GB would also be required, If your study area is mostly 3D graphics then the best brand laptops that would work for this need would be Apple or Mac. These are very popular with college students studying the Art Related Field.

Good Laptops for Engineering or Science Courses for College Students

The requirement for this category of Class for College Student would be very similar to the above (Art Related and 3D Courses).  These laptops would also need a top of the line grade processor such as the Intel processors mentioned previously; large hard drive space, at least  GB of memory or Ram and a high quality video card

Good Laptops for Multimedia Classes for College Students

Multimedia Classes for College Students requires much higher criteria when it comes to choosing a Good Laptop that satisfies this class category. These Laptops would need the most current CPU or Processors, Very Last Hard Drives that are fast in processing speed. At least 6 GB or Memory or RAM, A blu-ray drive and burner and a very good premium Video Card.

Good Laptops for Gaming Students that are College Students (or not!)

To satisfy the needs of this category for Gaming Students, would require a good laptop similar to the category above, Multimedia Classes. However, since this laptop would be used mainly for gaming, it would need to not only have the most current processor, a fast and huge size hard drive, fantastic quality video card and Blu-ray drive but it would also be best to have at least 8 GB of Memory or Ram which would work great for memory intensive games. Something else that would be needed with good gaming laptops for college students would be a big screen size. 17 inch or larger would work well for a gaming student.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful in helping you to choose Good Laptops for College Students.