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If you're heavy into gaming or a newbie just starting to get into gaming, then not just any laptop will do. You will need a good laptop that is super fast, has exceptional graphics, large size hard drive and a big clear and crisp screen. So the question now is: How can you tell if you are getting the best laptop for gaming that has just the right specifications you need to have?

The first thing to do that will make this an easier question to answer is to first be sure in your mind what games you need to use the gaming laptop for. It would be best to write down on paper your gaming plans and ideas. That way, you can now research to see good laptops for gaming that are available and then compare them to see which one will best fit your needs. One of the best ways to do research on this is via the internet. First, check the games themselves that you are looking into and see what is recommended by the game developers as the ideal laptop specifications to get the most enjoyment from the games. You can also check out gaming forums (especially for the games you are considering playing) and check what type or brand of laptops most of them are using. Feel free to ask questions even about any laptop that you are considering for purchase. Gamers are always ready to help out and assist fellow gamers.

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What Laptops are Good For Gaming? Can I just use a regular Laptop?

Well a regular or standard laptop is not usually designed to be used to play high-spec or high definition games. Gaming laptops have certain design features that work well with high definition games. Some of these design features includes very high end graphics card, high RAM capability, robust CPU among other features that gets the best performance from the laptop.

What Kind of Graphics Card should you look for on Laptops that are Good for Gaming?

First thing is to make sure that the laptop you are investigating with the goal of buying does NOT have an integrated graphics card. Even if the design of the laptop is good and the processor or CPU is fast, if the graphics card is not correct, the game will not be able to be played smoothly. An integrated graphics card will not be able to deliver the graphics at the correct frame rate for fast smooth play. This is the part of the gaming laptop that you do not want to skimp on. The graphics card in Gaming Laptops is the center or heart of the unit and this will affect your game play enjoyment for the good or the bad. If the graphic card is not fast enough, your game will not play correctly or may not even load at all. When researching graphics card, also make sure the card has it's own separate memory from the laptop and does not share the laptop's ram.

Hard Drive Size for Laptops that are Good For Gaming

Make sure the hard drive on your gaming Laptop is a pretty big size. You will need plenty of space to store your gaming programs, saved data from the games and other applications such as movies, documents, music, photos etc. A good size to consider is at least 320GB.

Ram Size For Good Laptops for Gaming

For your gaming laptop to be the most effective and fastest when playing your favorite game, you will need as much ram as possible. This will not only help the laptop to process and play your game faster but it will also help the graphic card to function more smoothly and at it's best. Some gaming laptops come with at least 2GB of RAM but if you can get one that even goes as high as 8GB, you would be able to play certain games to their full capacity. The less ram the laptop has, the more it will hesitate and cause a jerky feel to the game when you are trying to play, since the system memory will be working hard to keep up with the game play.

Best Screen For The Best Gaming Laptops

To really enjoy game play on your gaming laptop, a high resolution screen is essential. The screen of your gaming laptop should be at least 1280 by 1024. And the best size for the screen would be 17 inches. This allows for the best viewing pleasure when playing your favorite game. Of course, other things to consider when it comes to the screen of a good gaming laptop is the resolution, aspect ratio, contrast and viewing angle as well as the size.

When considering the purchase of a good laptop for gaming, remember that this is an investment into the most modern technology that will last for quite a while into the future as well. Do not try to substitute the use of a regular or standard laptop for your gaming needs, as standard laptops are not designed for the power needed to run these high technological games and will certainly end up crashing and spoil your gaming experience. We hope this article has helped you in at least knowing where to start on the road to finding good laptops that are great for gaming!

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